Education and Health for Africa, Inc.

Our History


Education and Health for Africa. (EHFA) was birthed in 2010 when I traveled to Liberia and Ghana for my Grad School internship in Global Education Program in 2008 and 2009.

During my visit, I found that some students between five and eight years did not know their colors, shapes, alphabet, and numbers and were unable to count from zero to twenty or read. On the health aspect, my group and I contacted the public health department for health statistics for the area health and wellness indicators including incidence prevalence, morbidity, and other indicators for the areas which we never received. Every health facility we contacted gave us a list of their needs but was unable to provide data on our request to render help on how things work, instructions on things in use, and how to do operational instructions in 2007.

In 2009 I traveled to Dodowa, Ghana. At the clinic, I met a pregnant woman with a high fever with malaria being turned away because she did not have health insurance.

From my personal experiences during my trip, I saw the need for greater access to both education and health for all ages. The needs were so great that out of my love and concern for the people, I decided to do something. Education and Health For Africa was birthed to help by developing, implementing, and coordinating programs to publicize the humanitarian foundation, Education and Health for the people of Africa.