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Education and Health for Africa seek partners to provide educational and motivational information to youth beyond Rising World Academy. In our desire to reach more students during our trips to Ghana, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with Dr. Penny and Bobby Brown. They will go out into several schools to speak to middle and high school students during our trip to Ghana. We are excited about these partnerships and plan to do more of these and similar types of initiatives to help more youth.

  • Hands of Protection, Inc. (
  • The Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Garner, North Carolina
  • Whole Scholars Development
  • The Spirit of Martha

“Life is a journey. We all travel on different routes. During your journey, you may come across adventure, excitement, sadness, strength, and weakness. You also get to meet people from different races, cultures, and beliefs during your journey.” In November 2021, I was called to visit Africa and was blessed with the unexpected opportunity to travel with a friend to her homeland, Ghana. I found the people were no different from where I lived all my life, just on a different continent across the ocean. But I felt this overwhelming sense of community having touched the ground of my ancestors, coming back home to where I had never been. My ancestors were taken from Africa to other parts of the world and contributed greatly to those societies, with little to no credit. I came back to Africa to be a blessing to my ancestors’ children. “The little I have, I freely give.”

I was allowed to work with the director, teachers, and cooks at Rising World Academy. The students from the nursery to junior high school were amazing. I had a mind to physically work; data entry for the teachers, serving lunch to kindergarteners and breaking bread with people I never knew. It was such a blessing. The kindergarteners sing many songs, but this one touched my heart. “Who made the rainbow??? I know! I know! Jesus made the rainbow and that is why I love him so!” 4- and 5-year-olds sing this song. From the mouth of babes… The junior high schoolers spoke of their dreams in life to further their education. I had so many pleasurable experiences with the children, I could write a book.

My goal is to continue to support Rising World Academy however God leads me. I want to be a stepping stone to help the children rise higher, take their place in society, and make their mark in history”. Verna Bethel

We need your help! We are seeking donors, partners, sponsors, and organizations to join hands with us. Our lean organizational structure ensures that a significant portion of donations are used to assist the communities and citizens being served by our vision. While we are always open to receiving donations, we will also hold a special crowdfunding appeal toward our $150,000 goal.

I am one who believes that giving back is a responsibility of being a human citizen. Giving resources and time has been a way of life for me for years. I have a passion for coach and training youth all over the world to succeed in technology and life.
For several years now, I have wanted to go to Ghana, Africa. In getting a taste of the culture from Ghanaians here in the states, I increasingly developed a hunger to experience the authentic culture. I finally had the opportunity to go when I connected with Education and Health for Africa. EHFA is an American-based nonprofit that educates and trains students in the Greater Accra Area of Ghana Africa as well as provides preventive and urgent healthcare services. The founder and members of this organization make trips to Ghana every year to support the initiatives and manage the business affairs.

My purpose in November 2021 was to join the mission’s team, experience the culture, and volunteer my time, gifts, and talents for the organization. Although COVID was prevalent here and around the world, I could not pass up the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting Africa. 

My week’s stay began with enjoying the hospitality of the warm people there. Eating the local dishes, and street food while watching the amazing people carry on their lives was so enriching. Witnessing the street vendors, and women carrying things on their heads made me realize that I was truly in Africa that I have seen on television.

The first tour was to visit the castles in both Cape Coast and Elmina. These castles were the landmarks of the great Mid-Atlantic slave trades in the 17 and 1800s. It was so touching to view the doors of no return where slaves
would be separated from their families to travel to the western world for free labor. Visiting Rising World Academy was delightful as we watched and worked with school students ages 3 through 12. They were so ambitious and respectful. A
few of them showed interest in information technology. We were able to donate STEM puzzles, and toys and talk to them about those careers.

My week and stay continued with attending a church service, going to markets, eating meals, and sightseeing throughout the Greater Accra Area. Ghana has such a rich culture, and the citizens possess such pride. This was an experience that I will forever cherish. 

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We are excited about these partnerships and plan to do more of these and similar types of initiatives to help more youth.