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We have acquired a new site for Rising World Academy School. We believe in high expectations and standards for school. We have expanded and have to build a school from the ground up. We want to build a state-of-the-art, research-based school program focused on academics and technology. Our facility must provide age-appropriate learning to enhance academic success for learning during the school day. Since Kpone is a low-income community, we envision expert training teachers and staff to impart a love of learning to our students. We want our new facility to have a library, science lab, computer lab, dining hall, colors, furnishing, artwork and lots of windows providing natural light.

Rising World Academy Opens

Rising World Academy Is in Need of New Infrastructure - SCHOOL BUILDING

Due to the growth and expansion, RWA needs to erect a new school building. We foresee the need for a new school building to further increase access to quality education for more children in the surrounding communities. WE NEED YOU!! We would like to take several skillsets for the assessment trip this summer and are soliciting help with the construction and furnishing of the new school building. We also need monetary help with providing the right educational environment for the students to thrive and grow in (i.e. school supplies, help with tuition costs, technology needs such as computers and software).