Education and Health for Africa (EFHA), will provide education and training through the Childs’ Education and Training System (CETS) that is comprised of the local learning institutions which shall be developed in each community. The name of each institute shall be directly connected to the community which shall provide its citizens a feeling of ownership. All levels will be taught using the entrepreneurial mindset. Our goal is not to make every person an entrepreneur but to train them on how to be a problem solver that thinks of ways to use resources that are available and/or attainable.



 The Rising World Academies: JHS Grades Education

Motto: Children Rising to Impact the World

Quote: “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” – African proverb

Children are taught the general curriculum using a learning by doing approach along with each one teach one approach. Students are taught the theoretical information about each subject then they are given activities to apply that knowledge to real life applications that have the goal assisting them in making improvements to their communities (ex., organic gardens, construction projects, solar projects, etc.). Our goal is to show these students that results achieved can be continuous and have lasting effects while creating a stronger commitment to their communities and possibly decreasing brain drain (educated and trained citizens moving to other communities) which adversely affects these communities they left.

 The Childs Learning Institutes: Post-Secondary Education and Training 

Motto: Solutions Focused Learning Environments

Quote: “No One Can Define Me But Me. No Matter the Situation, My Cup is at least Half Full So I Will Always Move Forward” L.A. Harley

The Childs Learning Institutes (CLI) shall provide education and training that would enable students in becoming gainfully employed and/or entrepreneurs that would help to increase their quality of life and standard of living while increasing the economic development of their communities. The curriculum would also use the learning by doing approach that is based upon the dialogue education approach. Students will learn skills that would allow them to become eligible for employment within a few months to a year.



Childs Healthcare System (CHS) shall provide minor illness treatments and preventative healthcare services to the local community through its locally situated clinics. The clinics shall be led by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and/or doctors who shall provide medical services that are very similar to convenient care and possibly urgent care clinics. The name of each clinic shall be directly connected to the community which shall provide its citizens a feeling of ownership.

Our goal is that students trained through the CLI programs would receive practical training at the clinics. The clinics would provide healthcare services to students, their families, and the greater community. Depending on the size of the community served, there may be more than one clinic in that area.