A 501 C3


Education and Health for Africa, a 501 C3 tax exempt organization, seeks to Provide Access to Quality Education, Training, and Healthcare to Economically Deprived Communities in Africa through educating and training individuals while creating a learning environment for the entrepreneur mindset and to provide preventative and urgent healthcare services.

Education and Health for Africa started operating in 2012 by establishing the school Rising World Academy in Kpone, Ghana to serve those who had no access to education. Our founder built a four (4) classroom wooden school structure initially with twelve (12) three to four years old students. The enrollment has increased to almost forty (40) students ranging from three to seven years old with others requesting admittance. We are ready to provide assistance to more students in this community.

We are proud to announce our latest projects at Rising World Academy School. We will be sending a team to Ghana in October 2016 to oversee the following:

• Purchase of van/bus to transport students (especially during rainy season when many miss school since they walk to school),
• Negotiation of lease for land where current School is located (The current locations was to be a temporary site with the original plan of purchasing land for a campus and build a new school building. Based on the current market and recommendations from our legal and financial professionals, it would be better to build on current land with a long term lease agreement. Landlord is open to this option.)
• Renovation of current structure and addition of boy and girls bathrooms to allow us to accept more students

We are very excited about these projects since they would allow us provide education to more youth and job opportunities for adults in the community through the hiring of more teachers, van/bus driver(s), additional administrative office staff, and another cook. We will also be helping other aspects of the community by using locals for the renovations, bathroom addition, and school uniforms.

Education and Health for Africa seeks to provide educational and motivational information to young people beyond Rising World Academy. In our desire to reach more students during our trips to Ghana, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with 4Words Looking, Inc. and Kids Inspired Through Education and Success, Inc. (KITES) who will go out into several schools to speak to middle and high school students during our trip to Ghana in October. We are excited about these partnerships and plan to do more of these and similar types of initiatives to help more young people in these age groups.

We need your help! We are seeking donors, partners, sponsors, and organizations to join hands with us. Our lean organizational structure ensures that a significant portion of donations are used to assist the communities and citizens being served by our vision. While we are always open to receiving donations, we will also hold a special crowdfunding appeal towards our $50,000 goal.

Please consider how you can help today!
EHFA and Rising World Academy greatly appreciate your support!!